Connecting Tablets to Internet

Connecting Tablets to Internet

Connecting iN2L Tablets to Internet 

iN2L Tablets run solely off WIFI connection and do not have their own data plan. For best use and quality please make sure you leave them powered on, charged, and connected 24/7. We recommend charging overnight (while powered on and connected to the internet), so they are fully charged for the next day for your residents to be able to utilize. The battery will last about 12-14 hours. 

You can check to make sure your tablet is connected to your communities’ WIFI by pressing Continue as a Guest from the log in screen, or you can sign into any resident profile. When the tablet opens the Content tab, you will then see in the bottom left corner of the screen, the Resources tabOnce you click on Resources you will see the Connect to WiFi icon and can choose your network! 

If you have trouble staying connected to your WiFi you can forget and then reconnect to it.

Forgetting a Network

  1. Select Connect to WiFi
  2. Press & hold on the network you want to forget
  3. Choose Forget

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